Senin, 27 April 2009

One Piece 398

One Piece 398 Released

"Admiral Kizaru Moved"

Luffy have punch the Celestial dragon

And now Admiral kizaru and shicibukay have arrive in shabaody archypelago

and going after luffy n friend

in other side, camie was save now n new comrade named silver raylegh

on outside human auction stage marine have surounded . .

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Jumat, 24 April 2009

One Piece 540

One Piece 540 Released

Level six
The Eternal Hell

Luffy arrive at the level six and ready to save ace
but ace is no longger in his jail. ace already in Ship marine and prepare to mary joa
Luffy and Friend try to escape from level six an ID
And goin after ace, but they couldn't do that
But another prisoner on level six can help them . .
Who are they . .
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Naruto 445

Naruto 445 Released


Yahiko Dream is rule the world
Yahiko has a dream there are no war in this world anymore
And when he's ontop of the world, it won't be any war again
And then Yahiko Dream's Become Nagato Dream's
And what Naruto answer ....
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Naruto Shippuuden 106

Naruto Shippuuden 106 Released


Yukimaru power's can stop Sanby. But it has limitation
Yukimaru still child n has a limit cakhra
Naruto Where are you, save the yukimaru . . .
Guren is runing out of cakra . .
Are the White Camelia gonna be Red Camelia

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Rabu, 22 April 2009

Spoiler One Piece 540

pic & text from Aohige_AP



Ivasan: Let's release him, Mugiwara boy. He would be a powerful addition to us.
I know you won't stop now... especially if you intend to go to Marine HQ!!
Luffy: Huh, Iwachan!! Loo, this guy....!

Crocodile: Ivankov...!!!

Ivasan: Long time no see (rest cut off)
Luffy: You know him!?
Ivasan: Yes, long time ago... When he was still just a rookie!
Don't worry, even if he does betray us, I'll keep him down. We can't trust him, but...
I'm holding a "weakness" of his! I'll keep my mouth shut, if he agrees to lend us just his power!
Crocodile: damn you....!!!

There you go, for those who were debating on Croc's betrayal.
Croc's motive to get out of the prison, is becase he wants to go after Whitebeard.
Also from the last panel:
Jinbei: I won't let you go after old man Whitebeard, Crocodile...!
Crocodile: Or what, you wanna fight to the death right now?

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Spoiler Naruto 445

Source: 2ch
Credits Ohana



Text : Pending

Here's a summary.

Nagato's parents' grave was erected, and he travelled around, begging .

On the way, He picked up a dog; it's name was Chibi.

Everyone just ignored him, and he almost starved to death on the streets.

He was then picked up by Angel Konan, and then they happened to meet up with Yahiko.

In order to survive they did things like stealing and working.

Yahiko's dream is conquering the world.

It stayed the same until his death TL NOTE: Not sure.

He wasn't able to apologize to his parents on their death, that's why he'll do his best to live til the end.

If he can take the top of the world, he can create a world with no wars.

Nagato: Isn't that something like a God?

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One Piece 397

One Piece 397 Released

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